RAAR Security Limited

The world’s number one close protection operational company

About RAAR

RAAR SECURITY LIMITED is the world’s number one close protection operational company that provide services such as; 

Close Protection, Residential Security, Door Supervision.

About The C.E.O

Reuben Naniwono is a British army veteran who is professionally and fully trained in the area of counter terrorism. He honourable served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, UN peacekeeping and also as a Nato Soldier. 

Other notable service qualifications

Reuben was awarded a certificate from the University of St. Andrews in the areas of counter terrorism covered

  • Key issues in international terrorism
  • Homeland Security
  • Improvised Explosive Device
  • Intelligence 

Reuben Naniwono is a qualified defiance and fire arms instructor and also a B.A Honors in Business Management (Entrepreneurship) certificate holder from the University of Westminster

Our Services

Security | Close Protection | Residential Security | Door Supervision

Close Protection

RAAR provide close protection for government officials, business people, celebrities and families as well as a range of services for valuable and intrinsic material goods from diamonds to power plants. 

Door Supervision

Here at RAAR we provide fully trained professionals to deliver quality service, whatever the type of venue, whether in a restaurant, nightclub or function, your expected standard will be met.

Residential Security

Family environments may be sensitive and provide a low or high-profile service dependent on the needs of the client and risk involved.

Email: info@raarsecuritylimited.com

Phone 1: [UK] +447712124549

Phone 1: [Nigeria]+234 8158505105

Address 1: [UK] 16 Alnwick Road, London, England, E16 3EX

Address 2: [Nigeria] No 7 Alpha Crescent, El-Salem Estate, Lugbe, Abuja

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